The inexpensive old trusty, Rico orange box

First year – size 2.0

Second year – size 2.5

The premium option, Vandoren blue box

First year – size 1.5

Second year – size 2.0

Cleaning & Care – swabs and cork grease

I prefer these pull-through swabs by Hodge, they are very absorbent, dry quickly, and even fit through the neck and mouthpiece!

There are also these fuzzy pad savers and honestly, I don’t recommend them.

For the corks on the clarinet joints and mouthpiece


1. Mouthpieces

The inexpensive old trusty, the Yamaha 4C

The great upgrade mouthpiece, Vandoren B45

Great for concert band

2. Ligatures

The old trusty, 2 screw metal ligature

For a slight darker sound, the Rovner dark ligature.

Also, it’s a little bit easier to adjust!